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Meet Travis: Founder, Creative Wizard 


After getting two bachelor's degrees in advertising and psychology, Travis worked for an ad firm in St. Louis, MO. Eventually frustrated with repetitive use of standard and impersonal content, he started Red Pine Creative in 2014 with a mission to use a healthy balance of analytics and creative, impactful content in social media to skyrocket traffic for businesses. Since then, Travis has been recognized and awarded by major brands (Mercedes-Benz, Reebok, and many more) for his high quality production and beautiful work. In early 2017, he brought Bri on board and together they rebranded the business into Social Shot.

He loves listening to podcasts, playing video games, watching critically-acclaimed movies, trying new things, and Bri (awh). He is quite possibly the world's biggest Breaking Bad fan, and would love to direct a film one day.

Meet Bri: Photographer, Writer, Account Manager


Before graduating from Bradley University, Bri had a two year modeling contract with Victor’s International in Chicago. That experience tacked on to two decades as a dancer, instructor, and choreographer helped to develop a deep understanding of body placement, allowing her to guide others in front of a camera. She's also been published for her writing and research, so writing scripts and blogs is something near to her heart. Bri studied industrial psychology: the application of psychological principles to business, and knows an embarrassing amount of Harry Potter trivia. Her boudoir photography is flourishing in Central Illinois and St. Louis, and she's in the process of writing a book!

Bri loves reading, learning, traveling, Taco Bell crunchwraps, and cuddling with their two chihuahuas, Charlie and Pancake.


As a Team:


Where one lacks, the other excels. Bri gets a thrill from checklists and spreadsheets, while Travis creates magic on the fly. Bri is organized, Travis keeps 394 tabs open on his computer at all times. Their zodiac signs tell them they’re the perfect match (and that Bri should “avoid using ellipticals in March”). But most importantly, they work so well together because they both care so much about what they’re creating. They love life, love entrepreneurship, love film and creating something special, love LOVE, and enjoy capturing others experiencing that same passion. They want to catch your family laughing together at a birthday party. They want to help your business flourish and stand out from the norm. They want to film your wedding and give you a beautiful highlight reel to look back on and cry happy tears. You get the picture: Your passion is their passion.

In fact, they work so well together, they decided they wanted to be partners forever, and in every sense of the word.

Travis and Bri got married on November 3rd, 2018.



Even if you’re not a business seeking growth or someone wanting photo/video work, we hope you can still get some benefit from our blog that will always cover more than cameras.

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